sayied hamied

Autotronics Senior Expert

Sayed Hamed is Scientist specializing in Automotive Electronics, the grandson of the historian Abdullah Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab Ibn Fadlallah Salah Al-Din, the grandson of Judge Sharaf al-Din, the keeper of the secrets of Sultan Al-Nasir Muhammad ibn Qalawun.

The author of scientific books, a professional lecturer and a Scientific Researcher, he trained thousands through his unique international courses, and the world's electronic maintenance giants graduated from his hands.

He has modern theories in technology that confirm the existence of the most advanced technology in ancient times, and through research and studies, he reached an understanding of some of the secrets of ancient technology in the generation of electricity and energy.

His style is characterized by suspense and practical practice, which made thousands of people enroll in his courses, especially since he has unique ways of communicating information. He also possesses a deep understanding of technology in general and electronics science in particular, and most importantly, that he relies in his courses on understanding and not memorization, which made studying on his hands an indescribable pleasure.

In spite of his disagreement with the scientist Albert Einstein in the theory of relativity, he agrees with him in his famous saying: “If you cannot explain to a seven-year-old the most difficult information, then you have not understood this information in the first place.”