The technical support that we provide to our trainees is distinguished support. This support includes communication via WhatsApp or direct contact at times or online meetings in order to solve a problem facing any trainee in his work. We also provide the trainee with thousands of specialized programs in the field of cars, whether in programming, diagnosis , modification or specifications Electronic items and parts, rare technical catalogs that you will not find on the Internet, many catalogs, references, programs, program files, dumps and modified files, our goal is to make our trainees always at the forefront.

We have a storage space of more than two thousand gigabytes, which contains all the files and software the trainee needs, which you will not see elsewhere, which turns the trainee’s task in fixing faults into something easy and simple.

Our support files are only available to our trainees for life and at any time 24 hours a week, days a week, because our trainee is part of our family and his success is our success as well.