The certificates that we offer are Recognized by us and Recognized by the Scientist and Autotronics Senior Expert Sayed Hamed .

We are an Independent Entity, and We do not have any affiliation with any person or institution, and this is the source of our strength. Our history and trust qualifies us to be the source of accreditation for any institution.

Our Curricula and Teaching Methods are Innovative, and we always strive to be the Strongest in the Market, so how can we expect Recognition from those who are weaker than us scientifically and technically , This is not logical .

Our certificates are protected by QR code technology and are directly linked to our official website and cannot be Forged or Modified.

Our certificate is Granted to the Trainees who have passed the training with distinction , We only grant our certificate to those whose grades exceed 80% of the practical and theoretical tests we conduct, in order to ensure our reputation and our great position in the market , As soon as you obtain a certificate from us, it is enough for you to be proud and confident that you have become an expert and qualified for the labor market .