This course consists of five levels, the duration of each level is three days, an average of 6 hours per day.

The first level is related to the study of electronics, the second level is concerned with the electronics of cars and motorcycles, the first part, as well as the third level is related to the electronics of cars and motorcycles, the second and final part, while the fourth and fifth levels are specialized in truck electronics, the first and second part, respectively.

The cost of any one of the five levels individually is $500, while the cost of the five levels together is $2000, subject to payment in advance.

This system saves you time and effort, as if your goal is to study car electronics only without trucks, in this case you will study up to the third level only and pay only 1500 dollars.

Knowing that in order to study the electronics of trucks, you must first study the electronics of cars up to the third level, then follow it by studying the fourth and fifth levels, meaning that the levels must be studied in order, because each level is based on what came before it.